San Miguel market reopens in Spain’s capital

5 Jul 2021

Friday was the day when the Madrid gastronomic market opened its doors, after nine months of restrictions. Earlier popular but deserted in time of the pandemic central part of Madrid, slowly, but are happening changes. Here again are coming many different tourists. Many people come not as much for the products, but for the atmosphere.

According to Ignacio Porta, representing the company-owner of ‘Redevko’, all this time was quite tough. However, the company has put a lot of effort into preserving this "iconic place." It is the most visited urban space in the capital of Spain, and second only to the stadium ‘Santiago Bernabeu’.

The market management is willing to do everything possible to revive this place, so beloved by citizens and tourists. In first place now events are targeted towards attracting locals. With this objective, actions are made with good proposals. Besides that, high quality products are offered in the new market places.

San Miguel market reopens in Spain’s capital

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