Malaga: concerts on the background of beautiful sunsets

5 Jul 2021

What are summer evenings for? Correct! To enjoy the sunsets to beautiful music, and with a fantastic view of the sea! Live music fits in very well, and warm relations in the circle of friends - who for so long were deprived of the opportunity to shake hands - the top of delight. All this wonder will be possible from 7-16 July. A point on the map – Spain, Malaga. Live music will be provided not just somewhere, but on the terraces sponsored by the brand ‘Larios’. It is considered the most Mediterranean gin; therefore, you won’t be left without drinks with this gin!

The musical component of this event includes many popular musicians from Spain. Among them are Sole Jimenez, Christina Rosenving, Mikel Ehrenchun, Nacho Garcia Vega. The list of talented participants is far from complete and is still found in the process of formation. The responsibility for safety measures like social distance, will be provided by the organizers.

Malaga: concerts on the background of beautiful sunsets


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