Pedro Sanchez calls foreign tourists to the Spanish deep end.

24 Jun 2021

In the European Union countries, measures to represent rural areas more tourist-attractive are increasingly raising.  In return, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez reported that 42 per cent of the country's rural population centres are at risk of population decline, while in other European countries the figures are several times lower. Support to the deserting areas is decided to be given in various ways, for example, providing better internet service in rural areas as well as facilitating public transport. Measures of supporting small businesses in form of grants would be very attractive to young entrepreneurs.

What can attract tourists to Spanish villages? Take, for example, the Asturias region. In this region, you can devote time to walking with health benefits, which against the background of the pandemic has become quite popular amongst the inhabitants of cities, and the local long beaches would provide a great opportunity for this.

In April-May you can admire the mesmerizing "apple in bloom". October pleases with its collection of ripe fruits, and the air in the whole province is filled with a unique aroma. In the Cider Museum, located in the village of Nava, travelers will be able to learn all about the production and history of the famous drink. Local farmers give tours with pleasure, for those wishing to uncover all the secrets in the production of cider and growing specialized apple trees. Admirers of unusual architecture will be astonished by the beauty of secular buildings and cozy churches in those areas.

Pedro Sanchez calls foreign tourists to the Spanish deep end.

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