Canary Islands: A tempting opportunity for remote workers

14 Jun 2021

According to Idealista, the Canary Islands’ authorities have created an initiative, the information of which is posted on their official website. As the advertisement states, remote workers here are very popular and desirable. For those, who likes and has the ability to work from any location on the map, it is an outstanding opportunity. Judge for yourself, covered cost of the flight, place in co-working and half a year of free accommodation.

This experience has already been tested in other countries. A couple of Italian cities are calling out remote workers with a proposal to pay only half the price of accommodation, while Finland counts on the interest of America’s citizens and calls its terms "a paradise for remote working."

When applying to work in Spain, a photo or video presentation in two languages (Spanish and English) is required, where it is stated clearly, the skills and aspirations of the job applicant and what he awaits from works on the Canary Islands. The presentation should be posted on social media until the deadline of June 18. More information on the conditions of this proposal – on webpage of the initiator. Besides technical terms (fast internet connection, good connection with the airport, etc.), an advantage of the job in this corner of Spain is its magnificent nature and endless beaches. Overall, to comment about this job, is that it presents a new perspective of life: “slower - for a full life”.

Canary Islands: A tempting opportunity for remote workers

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